Led Zeppelin Concert Poster Seattle 1970 Concerts West Presents

Hardrock 70er http://www.postercentral.com A fun, original Seattle Led Zeppelin window card from Sept. 1, 1970 at the Seattle Center Coliseum.

Britain’s Union Jack flag is the visual theme here, with four of them shown / perhaps one representing each band member.

This cardboard Seattle Led Zeppelin poster board measures the standard 14×22 inches and was constructed on durable card stock, to better withstand weather elements.

Interestingly, no printer’s credit is given anywhere, so we don’t know who made this. There’s usually a credit down in the bottom margin somewhere.

Four colors comprise this Seattle Led Zeppelin placard: red and blue, black and white. People often forget that the white backing paper or poster board is an important color element; notice how many words are in white.

Black is used only in limited fashion, basically boxing off the three primary areas of the poster… big box in the middle, smaller rectangles at the top and bottom.

It’s funny how the band’s name is distorted on this particular Seattle Led Zeppelin in-person poster. It starts small on the left, gets big in the middle and then tapers off again on the right.

The famous zeppelin dirigible…

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