Frank Zappa Originally released on Bongo Fury in 1975 on DiscReet, this one is from 1989 on Zappa Records.
Live at Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, Texas

Frank Zappa – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Napoleon Murphy Brock – Vocals
Captain Beefheart – Harmonica, Backing Vocals
George Duke – Keyboards, Vocals
Tom Fowler – Bass
Denny Walley – Slide Guitar

NOTE: The uploading of this video is not for profit. I own no rights on this album/song.
In deep respect to the artists, i want to share some pearls you won´t hear on the radio everyday…:] …if you like it, buy the fucking album !

No more credit from the liquor store
Suit is all dirty, my shoes is all wore
Tired and lonely, my heart is all sore
Advance romance
I can-t stand it no more, you know

Told me she loved me, I believed what she said
Took me for a sucker, boy, all corn-fed
Next thing I knew she had a bolt on the door
Advance romance
I can-t use it no more, no, I can-t use it

She took George-s watch like they always do
[It was a Timex, too!]
[Him ashamed on you]
No more money, boy, I shoulda knew
[You know I told ya]
[I know you told me]
[You didn-t listen to me]
[But I couldn-t listen to you!]
Told you -bout the…

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