Foreigner – Aiyana Scadding-Hunt official music video

Foreigner Hiya againnnnn!

This is my second original song called Foreigner, with the AMAZING IZZY RAINBOW [the pro dancer up for hire] ;] This song is about when I moved to France, I was and felt like a Foreigner [despite the name ;] ] and now that I have moved back, all of my old friends are sooooo different that you dont know who they are or what they-re like anymore.. Anywayssss… I hope you like the song! xxx

Shadows settle on carboard crowns,
As 2 children plough through buttercup love, buttercup love,
2 left feet standing on the same principle that we had before,
To conquer the knights that took away our youth,

Ohh oh oh oh, i feel like a foreigner, there no wrong answers to these questions, theres no neverbird to foundations of affection, And ohh oh oh oh i feel the cackle of bone as…

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Originally posted 2016-05-29 02:50:03.